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Boat Rental in Mediterranean Sea

June 7, 2018

Spain has always brought me dazzled and I have been lucky enough to visit her several times. Spain is one of the most important countries, both tourist and historical in Europe.

This wonderful country is located in Mediterranean Europe and consists of different geographical regions in addition to having two very famous and spectacular islands. 

As is obvious, in Spain Spanish is spoken, although it has varieties of the language according to the zones.

There are, as everywhere in the world, national holidays and regional celebrations that offer us different experiences, allow us to nourish ourselves from another culture and other traditions.

The climate, as in Spain for example, varies according to the area. If you move further north you will find a much more humid and fresh climate, if you go down to the south the climate becomes much drier and warmer. It also varies a lot depending on the time of year in which you visit the country. Summer allows you to visit the beautiful beaches of Spain under a sun, which is sometimes scorching, and many more activities abroad without having to worry about clothes. While winter gives you other opportunities such as visiting the most famous areas of Spain with hardly any tourists around.

Spain is not only a country of art and history, there is also a great variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. where to distract and have fun for a while.

Españana gastronomy is one of the main reasons why this country is so rich in tourism. It has a great tradition and innovation at the same time.

In this country the world of fashion is also very famous; Spain has a large number of brands of clothing and footwear, in addition to a variety of car brands.

Boat Rental in Ibiza: I have visited Spain in different ways, and what helped me the most, was to rent a boat with some friends.

Renting a boat a few days allows you to visit all of Spain, including the islands, islands whose visit is required. Going to Spain without visiting its islands is visiting Spain in half.

Mallorca and Ibiza are world famous.

Its waters are almost transparent, beaches that can be called ‘paradise’, and at the same time are islands with history.

My friends and I visit them in one day, making stops to dive into the tempting waters that surround these islands.

In terms of history and culture, Mallorca stands out, which also offers us a very rich architectural heritage.

Ibiza stands out for its crystal clear waters, and its paradisiacal beaches that have little to envy to more known destinations.

The wonderful and unforgettable experience I had visiting these islands, with the freedom to stop where and when we wanted, gave us the opportunity to rent a boat; something that may not be as out of reach as it seems.

Spain is a country tremendously rich in culture, history, art, gastronomy, beaches, monuments …

It is a country that offers a great variety of opportunities due to its great wealth of areas, climates, ecosystems …

Of course you can not miss the opportunity to visit it. If you need to rent a boat in Ibiza visit they will help you

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