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Primers Nautical Paints

June 7, 2018

Primers Nautical Paints: All aspects of our ship are important, therefore, everything that we are going to do in it must be previously thought out and very well prepared, that is, the maintenance of the boat can not be left in the hands of any company. that whatever the product you want to acquire, it is important to take into consideration that the work that ship can depend on.

When it is intended to paint a boat, it is essential to make an adequate preparation of the base on which it is intended to apply the enamel, so although it seems less important the products that are used for primers of nautical paints are of great importance since these depend to a large extent the result or the finish that can be obtained.

Types of products for primers nautical paints

As it was well said before, when painting a boat the base must be properly prepared, for this reason in Argonautica we have the best quality products that are ideal for the final finish is desired. Among those products available for primers of nautical paints we can name:

  • Venetian Aquastop

This primer product for marine paints is available in a 2.5-liter presentation. It is used as a type of treatment developed for the prevention of damages by applying enamel since it covers the base and protects it before placing the paint. It serves for the primer of enamels of two components, it serves as a great help to constitute a protective layer of the base, however, it is also recommended to be applied on metal bases such as rudders and propellers.

  • Veneziani Primer Adherglas

In the case of this product, we have the possibility of offering you a presentation of 5 liters. It has been made with synthetic polymer material which makes it ideal for use in gel coat and resins. It is capable of offering unparalleled adhesion power. Its color is pink and can also be distributed by liters to adapt much better to the needs of the consumer.

  • Veneziani Adherpox Primer

Among others of the products with which we have for primers of nautical paintings is also the Veneziani Adherpox. This is available in a 2.5-liter presentation. It is ideal to use on all types of surface, however, it is recommended for use with antifouling. It covers up to 6 square meters per liter. It can be obtained at a price of 115 euros.

  • Polyurethane primer

We have this product in a version of 0.75 liters. Its color in teka, is ideal for use in internal and external spaces. It can be used with one and two component marine paints as it has components that help you create waterproof coatings. It can be used in fiberglass as well as wood and other materials such as polyester.

  • Polyurethane primer color wood

This product for marine paint primers is in a 0.75 liter presentation, ideal for use with one and two component paints. It is applicable in internal and external spaces. It has been prepared for placement on fiberglass.


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