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Marine Solar Panel 34WT

June 7, 2018

In a maritime journey there are many needs that we must anticipate before leaving, the electricity necessary for many things on board is one of those needs. However, when we talk about electricity on board we have an inconvenience, there are certain important objects to keep working, such as a refrigerator, for example, then everyone has their cell phones and it becomes somewhat cumbersome to use energy and few power points for so many mobile, with 34wt marine solar panel you can kill several birds with one stone. Keep reading and know all the advantages of this convenient mechanism to recharge batteries on board.

With an extension of only 640 x 460 mm, this solar panel occupies a small space and however, when used in recreational boats such as small sailboats, it may be impossible to place it without being in the way of passengers. But this will not be a problem, since this panel is designed to resist people walking on it. Of course, we do not recommend overdoing it, but it is resistant so it will not be damaged if someone passes over it.

Resistant to ultraviolet rays and saltpeter. As it should be so that its operation is not affected by exposure to the sun’s rays or sailing on the high seas for days.

Protect the environment. It is one of the best advantages, this solar panel that you can easily acquire in  is designed to protect the environment as much as possible, join the movements that seek to protect our planet and use these healthy generators, clean.

     Is it only used to recharge batteries?

Of course not, the example is used as a common use, but according to the voltage of different devices, could be recharged from this panel, such is the case of some brands and models of portable fans on board, among other elements.

Its weight is only 4.5 kilograms, which comes to round the perfect characteristics for an element that you will undoubtedly want to have on your boat, remember, going for the environment is in itself a valuable contribution to humanity. If you love the sea, you love the planet.

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