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Approved life jackets

June 7, 2018

As you all know, life jackets are mandatory, sports vests are not valid, there must be one per crew member, taking into account for how many people the sport boat or sailboat is dispatched.

Approved life jackets Habitually, it is very common, they do not wear, but if the sea gets ugly or at the first sign of possible temporary it must be put. If you sail alone, in my opinion, it is mandatory even if there is good weather and good sea. As we must use the lifeline or security. A dizziness, a drop in tension, a blow, etc. It can make us fall to the sea.

How should it be a vest? Approved, as we have already mentioned, according to the regulations with UNI EN 12420-3 certificate. Your neck should be able to keep your head out of the water, good grip, easy to remove and put on, in bright colors for quick location at sea, with fluorescent or reflective tapes, whistle and emergency light., offers a wide assortment of life vests and clothes to navigate , so that it is easy for you to choose. An important issue is the size, if we wear a vest too big we can leave, if it is too small we can not adjust it well and what is more important will not support our weight and will not keep us afloat.

The life jacket Nadir is a scapular vest, ie without back, like the 150 Newtons approved life jacket available in various sizes. The adult lifejacket Thyphon assures us the buoyancy with its polyethylene foam and is also available in several sizes. The Antile lifejacket and the Martinique lifejacket are very comfortable equipped with fastening straps and harness with quick fasteners. For children we have this same model called Martinique HELLO KITTY life jacket in 15-30 and 30-40 kilos.

Your pets must also be equipped with their OSCAR lifejacket for dogs and cats, sizes S, M and L.

In long voyages I recommend equipping the vests with the PLB1 personal beacon, it is a guarantee that pressing the RescueMe button will alert the rescue media through the satellite and rescue network that are distributed all over the world


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