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    Boat Rental in Mediterranean Sea

    June 7, 2018

    Spain has always brought me dazzled and I have been lucky enough to visit her several times. Spain is one of the most important countries, both tourist and historical in Europe.

    This wonderful country is located in Mediterranean Europe and consists of different geographical regions in addition to having two very famous and spectacular islands. 

    As is obvious, in Spain Spanish is spoken, although it has varieties of the language according to the zones.

    There are, as everywhere in the world, national holidays and regional celebrations that offer us different experiences, allow us to nourish ourselves from another culture and other traditions.

    The climate, as in Spain for example, varies according to the area. If you move further north you will find a much more humid and fresh climate, if you go down to the south the climate becomes much drier and warmer. It also varies a lot depending on the time of year in which you visit the country. Summer allows you to visit the beautiful beaches of Spain under a sun, which is sometimes scorching, and many more activities abroad without having to worry about clothes. While winter gives you other opportunities such as visiting the most famous areas of Spain with hardly any tourists around.

    Spain is not only a country of art and history, there is also a great variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. where to distract and have fun for a while.

    Españana gastronomy is one of the main reasons why this country is so rich in tourism. It has a great tradition and innovation at the same time.

    In this country the world of fashion is also very famous; Spain has a large number of brands of clothing and footwear, in addition to a variety of car brands.

    Boat Rental in Ibiza: I have visited Spain in different ways, and what helped me the most, was to rent a boat with some friends.

    Renting a boat a few days allows you to visit all of Spain, including the islands, islands whose visit is required. Going to Spain without visiting its islands is visiting Spain in half.

    Mallorca and Ibiza are world famous.

    Its waters are almost transparent, beaches that can be called ‘paradise’, and at the same time are islands with history.

    My friends and I visit them in one day, making stops to dive into the tempting waters that surround these islands.

    In terms of history and culture, Mallorca stands out, which also offers us a very rich architectural heritage.

    Ibiza stands out for its crystal clear waters, and its paradisiacal beaches that have little to envy to more known destinations.

    The wonderful and unforgettable experience I had visiting these islands, with the freedom to stop where and when we wanted, gave us the opportunity to rent a boat; something that may not be as out of reach as it seems.

    Spain is a country tremendously rich in culture, history, art, gastronomy, beaches, monuments …

    It is a country that offers a great variety of opportunities due to its great wealth of areas, climates, ecosystems …

    Of course you can not miss the opportunity to visit it. If you need to rent a boat in Ibiza visit https://barracudaibiza.com/ they will help you

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    Approved life jackets

    June 7, 2018

    As you all know, life jackets are mandatory, sports vests are not valid, there must be one per crew member, taking into account for how many people the sport boat or sailboat is dispatched.

    Approved life jackets Habitually, it is very common, they do not wear, but if the sea gets ugly or at the first sign of possible temporary it must be put. If you sail alone, in my opinion, it is mandatory even if there is good weather and good sea. As we must use the lifeline or security. A dizziness, a drop in tension, a blow, etc. It can make us fall to the sea.

    How should it be a vest? Approved, as we have already mentioned, according to the regulations with UNI EN 12420-3 certificate. Your neck should be able to keep your head out of the water, good grip, easy to remove and put on, in bright colors for quick location at sea, with fluorescent or reflective tapes, whistle and emergency light. Barcos.online, offers a wide assortment of life vests and clothes to navigate , so that it is easy for you to choose. An important issue is the size, if we wear a vest too big we can leave, if it is too small we can not adjust it well and what is more important will not support our weight and will not keep us afloat.

    The life jacket Nadir is a scapular vest, ie without back, like the 150 Newtons approved life jacket available in various sizes. The adult lifejacket Thyphon assures us the buoyancy with its polyethylene foam and is also available in several sizes. The Antile lifejacket and the Martinique lifejacket are very comfortable equipped with fastening straps and harness with quick fasteners. For children we have this same model called Martinique HELLO KITTY life jacket in 15-30 and 30-40 kilos.

    Your pets must also be equipped with their OSCAR lifejacket for dogs and cats, sizes S, M and L.

    In long voyages I recommend equipping the vests with the PLB1 personal beacon, it is a guarantee that pressing the RescueMe button will alert the rescue media through the satellite and rescue network that are distributed all over the world


    boats, Nautical Paints

    Primers Nautical Paints

    June 7, 2018

    Primers Nautical Paints: All aspects of our ship are important, therefore, everything that we are going to do in it must be previously thought out and very well prepared, that is, the maintenance of the boat can not be left in the hands of any company. that whatever the product you want to acquire, it is important to take into consideration that the work that ship can depend on.

    When it is intended to paint a boat, it is essential to make an adequate preparation of the base on which it is intended to apply the enamel, so although it seems less important the products that are used for primers of nautical paints are of great importance since these depend to a large extent the result or the finish that can be obtained.

    Types of products for primers nautical paints

    As it was well said before, when painting a boat the base must be properly prepared, for this reason in Argonautica we have the best quality products that are ideal for the final finish is desired. Among those products available for primers of nautical paints we can name:

    • Venetian Aquastop

    This primer product for marine paints is available in a 2.5-liter presentation. It is used as a type of treatment developed for the prevention of damages by applying enamel since it covers the base and protects it before placing the paint. It serves for the primer of enamels of two components, it serves as a great help to constitute a protective layer of the base, however, it is also recommended to be applied on metal bases such as rudders and propellers.

    • Veneziani Primer Adherglas

    In the case of this product, we have the possibility of offering you a presentation of 5 liters. It has been made with synthetic polymer material which makes it ideal for use in gel coat and resins. It is capable of offering unparalleled adhesion power. Its color is pink and can also be distributed by liters to adapt much better to the needs of the consumer.

    • Veneziani Adherpox Primer

    Among others of the products with which we have for primers of nautical paintings is also the Veneziani Adherpox. This is available in a 2.5-liter presentation. It is ideal to use on all types of surface, however, it is recommended for use with antifouling. It covers up to 6 square meters per liter. It can be obtained at a price of 115 euros.

    • Polyurethane primer

    We have this product in a version of 0.75 liters. Its color in teka, is ideal for use in internal and external spaces. It can be used with one and two component marine paints as it has components that help you create waterproof coatings. It can be used in fiberglass as well as wood and other materials such as polyester.

    • Polyurethane primer color wood

    This product for marine paint primers is in a 0.75 liter presentation, ideal for use with one and two component paints. It is applicable in internal and external spaces. It has been prepared for placement on fiberglass.


    boats, signaling

    Nautical signaling accessories

    June 7, 2018

    The signaling instruments are very important for all types of boats, whether to indicate a type of emergency, decorative signage, indicate some kind of prohibition, flags of international colors, among other types of nautical signaling accessories . In case the owner of the boat is looking for some kind of signaling accessories, you should only visit the barcos.online website .

    All for safety

    This web portal specializes in marketing the best nautical products, since they only work with the most recognized brands in Europe. The nautical signaling accessories are ideal for all boats, it is important to acquire the international signs, in order to navigate in foreign waters without violating any law.

    In the same way it is important to use the appropriate flags, especially it is recommended to choose a flag of each color. This can be placed at the time it is necessary, especially the red one to indicate to other boats that the ship where we are present an emergency.

    On the web we can also find signs that are to paste, these allow to be placed in a visible place. Either to indicate where the bathroom is, the exits or to emphasize some type of prohibition.

    All these nautical signaling accessories are made of the best quality material. In this way it can be ensured that each of the signaling accessories has a long service life.

    Deliveries in a short time

    The products are sent within a period of 7 working days after confirming the purchase. barcos.onlin in Madrid, ​​however, it also ships to all of Europe. All its products have a 2-year warranty, in addition if the customer receives a product that does not comply


    boats, Solar Panel

    Marine Solar Panel 34WT

    June 7, 2018

    In a maritime journey there are many needs that we must anticipate before leaving, the electricity necessary for many things on board is one of those needs. However, when we talk about electricity on board we have an inconvenience, there are certain important objects to keep working, such as a refrigerator, for example, then everyone has their cell phones and it becomes somewhat cumbersome to use energy and few power points for so many mobile, with 34wt marine solar panel you can kill several birds with one stone. Keep reading and know all the advantages of this convenient mechanism to recharge batteries on board.

    With an extension of only 640 x 460 mm, this solar panel occupies a small space and however, when used in recreational boats such as small sailboats, it may be impossible to place it without being in the way of passengers. But this will not be a problem, since this panel is designed to resist people walking on it. Of course, we do not recommend overdoing it, but it is resistant so it will not be damaged if someone passes over it.

    Resistant to ultraviolet rays and saltpeter. As it should be so that its operation is not affected by exposure to the sun’s rays or sailing on the high seas for days.

    Protect the environment. It is one of the best advantages, this solar panel that you can easily acquire in barcos.online  is designed to protect the environment as much as possible, join the movements that seek to protect our planet and use these healthy generators, clean.

         Is it only used to recharge batteries?

    Of course not, the example is used as a common use, but according to the voltage of different devices, could be recharged from this panel, such is the case of some brands and models of portable fans on board, among other elements.

    Its weight is only 4.5 kilograms, which comes to round the perfect characteristics for an element that you will undoubtedly want to have on your boat, remember, going for the environment is in itself a valuable contribution to humanity. If you love the sea, you love the planet.

    boats, propeller

    Bow thruster

    June 7, 2018

    The propeller bow or also called maneuver propellers were born by the need to avoid losses of installed time and to achieve maneuverability at very low speeds. Over time, it has been increasingly installed on smaller tonnage merchant ships and large luxury yachts, since it has been proven its effectiveness has been adopted by smaller recreational vessels Currently, it is increasingly common to get boats of small and medium length that have incorporated a propeller maneuver in bow or propeller bow .

    Characteristics of the bow thruster

    The bow propellers are very similar to conventional propellers, in a smaller format and with the difference that the axis of rotation is transverse to the direction of the ship’s direction. The propeller of bow or maneuver allow that the lateral movements of the prow are much easier, when almost always they are difficult to control by the wind or the currents. The propulsive force of the bow thruster is what determines its effectiveness and not the power of the engine. The effectiveness is given as a result of the combination of the following factors: the power of the electric motor, the propeller and the greater or lesser loss of effectiveness in the conduit or tunnel.

    Advantages of the bow thruster

    1. They allow the maneuver in narrow, complicated places and, above all, in unknown moorings.
    2. It does not allow the currents to affect them or due to the effect of the descent produced by the wind when it comes to carrying out the maneuver .
    3. The evolutionary effects produced in the course of the combination of the propeller, rudder and rudder when maneuvers are being carried out in both narrow places and in the am

    Bow thruster materials

    The propellers are made of different types of materials, the most commonly used are those derived from aluminum, steels, titanium, bronze or composite materials. Aluminum as pure material can not be used in the construction of helices because it is very soft, and therefore does not adequately support cavitation. It is a very active metal with three valence electrons, which, when in contact with air, quickly oxidizes the metal surface. It is therefore necessary to alloy it with other metals such as copper, magnesium, manganese, nickel, silicon, bromine and zinc.